Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Top 5 Reasons to Consult with a Decorator

If you are thinking about consulting with a decorator, Susan Fenn at Sensational Spaces does not want you to hesitate! These are the top reasons that really describe what consulting a decorator can do for you and why consulting with Sensational Spaces is worth your time and money.

1. Affirmation you are on the right track

Decorators provide professional advice to match a particular style to your personality and polish the ideas you bring to the table.

2. Guidance and suggestions to enhance your knowledge

Your decorator is here to bring you clarity and guide you to the direction you want to go.

3. Pulling it all together and making it work

Calling on a professional gives you an extra pair of eyes to create flow throughout your entire home.  The end result is that coordinated look within your space.

4. You save money in the long run

A great deal can be accomplished in a one hour consultation, a decorator can show you several right options that you can choose from before committing to purchasing any items for your home.

5. New ideas

A decorator is trained to come into your home and make suggestions on what needs to change and brainstorm new ideas to make your space personalized to you. Decorators follow the trends, they research tips and improvements and most importantly their experience has resulted in several tried and true design concepts that work.

Whether your dilemma lies with flooring choices, layout, renovation ideas, colour schemes or window treatments, Susan Fenn at Sensation Spaces Interior Design believes that everyone is within arms reach of assistance with design. After all, her company culture is "For any style, any budget, any home".

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